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Norwegian dancer living in Israel writes about the tragic weekend events in Oslo

'Right-wing extremism is growing all over Europe and in Norway as well. For some years now, Islamophobia has taken roots in Norway and fueled right winged groups as well as the common Norwegian. A fear that Islamists will hit on Norway with their terror has become the extreme right-wing movements' slogan for recruiting more citizens to their cause. A cause for a less multicultural Norway; and, sadly enough of these notions can be found among the Norwegian people – and not only among the extreme right.The fact that people were brutally slaughtered by their own fellow citizen will take time to digest. Norway now finds itself dealing with the fact that the gunman can be crudely described as "one of us." Maybe that is how Israeli society felt after learning that Yitzhak Rabin was killed by a Jewish assassin.'

Mia Habib
Published: 07.25.11

“I guess we

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