Soccer Referee Strikes Player, then Red Cards Him

When the referee, Saad Al Fadhli, awarded Al Arabi a penalty for a shoulder barge in the box, Al Naser players immediately lost their cool. One of them shoved Al Fadhli in the back as soon as he pointed to the spot and others jogged over to confront him.

When Al Naser players surrounded him and continued with the shoving, Al Fadhli decided he had had enough and and struck back, hitting one Al Naser player in the face.

Amazingly, he then pulled a Red Card.

From behind his fellow match officials, he then kicked out at another player before sending off several of his attackers (included the one he kicked). Somehow, Al Fadhli was able to regain control of the match. For a moment.

Al Arabi converted the penalty, but on the restart, Al Naser's Zabn Al Enazi kicked the ball directly at Al Fadhli to earn a red card of his own.

And so goes another night in the Kuwaiti Premier League