Day Two of the Capital City Pride in Olympia Washington More discrimination

Day Two of the Capital City Pride in Olympia Washington, June 21, 2015. After the events that unfolded on the previous day dealing with the employees that told the group of arms bearing citizens they had to leave, the group returns once again with their gear to continue to stand up for their rights and to show mutual respect for the civil rights of every person at the event, even those who seemed to want to pick and choose who was allowed to have rights and who was not.

In the video, footage shows Capital City Pride employees harass and attempt to intimidate the group as they enjoy the festivities of the event. In the beginning, a man in red starts an argument abut civil rights when a man in orange jumps in and says not to talk to them, and then when the man in red makes a claim about media and YouTube, the cameraman tries to inform them of his mistake, only to have both of them talk over him, denying his right to speak. The employee directly says that he is going to make the event "unenjoyable." This is only the first in many cases where the people of Capital City Pride not only do NOT care about equality for all but are willing to talk down to and discriminate others, which is the whole opposing factor as to why the event was held in the first place. They even say "Nobody wants you here," even though the Washington State Patrol confirmed that the group had the right to be at the event as they were, just like anybody else there. As the woman in pink started to push her way into one of the group members (which she in fact made contact with his body) uniformed men stepped in to handle the situation, telling her that she was to not touch him in any way, and the camera was turned off for the privacy and respect for the uniformed man and the conversation he had with the woman.

In the second half of the video, the same two men are still harassing the group as they venture through the event. Another woman chimes in about the weapons and begins a debate about State and Federal laws, even saying "State rights trump Federal." She is quickly informed about the rules and regulations in the State of Washington and realizes that she is in fact wrong in her argument, and proceeds to turns her argument from "You don't have the right" into "My kids are scared and my feelings are hurt." As she states she has firearms, she says "I am not threatened here." If she was not feeling afraid or threatened, why would she act so afraid of people bearing arms and exercising their rights? Finally, the closing question that could not be answered was "If you have firearms and your kids know about them, why would they be afraid to see them outside of the home? This is a prime example that people are only afraid of guns because they are uneducated about them. Is it any different with cars? People are afraid to drive, but once they are educated on them, everything is fine.