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Persistent Attack on Foreign Terrorist Base

Foreign forces are losing ground to the Afghan insurgents. As US and other foreign forces struggle for a way forward in Afghanistan, this unique film shows one of the most dangerous foreign outposts as it struggles to hold on.
Youre the first reporter Ive seen here in 8 months, says Staff Sergeant O Brien, in a rare break from the Afghan resistance incessant fire. This outpost in Kunar province is one of hundreds supposed to allow the US to win over locals and control local resistance movements. But its not working. The Afghan resistance control the high ground around the bunker and attack every day. Weve got the most sophisticated equipment in the world, O Brien says but we cant pick up on one guy whos sitting 800 metres away from us shooting. His men have spent 9 months under fire and must rely on what they can. One thing we usually use to determine who the resistance guys are is shoe

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By: Adam-Al-Scoti
Afghanistan, Middle East
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