Malpractice at Pet Cremation Services

[MEC Pet Services - Nova Scotia, Canada]

Update: We called many pet hospitals today in our area and found several clinics sending pets to this business: A partial list is: Metro Animal Emergency Hospital, Fall River Vet Hospital, Atlantic Cat Hospital, Acres Animal Hospital, Bedford Animal Hospital, Downsview Vet Hospital, Tantallon Vet. Hospital, Carnegy Animal Hospital. We will call more animal hospitals and update this list soon.

We took this video a year ago of the business that cremated our dear
dog. After showing our veterinarian and getting a very neutral response
we went to several different government agencies that told us that there
is nothing that can be done. A year later we are getting our dog's
ashes tested to see what we received back from this business. After
seeing this video ask yourself if this is the type of operation you
would want your pet to go to. Our family would have simply buried our
dog in our back yard had we known. Pet owners should know what happens
to their pet after they die.

Since we have not received help from
our veterinarian or local government we are now turning to pet owners
and the media for support.

When looking at this video ask
yourself how can this dirty little business cremate pets and keep the
ashes organized? We saw no tables. No shelving. Just bins filled with
dead rotting pets. There is little chance that they are cremated one at a
time as we had been told by our veterinarian. When we looked in the
machine it had large grates that would have to be removed after each
cremation in order to even take the ashes out.

Nova Scotia pet owners...just have a look at this business before you send your precious fur baby.

Our dog and other pets deserve better.


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