Hungary warns EU secretly plans to flood Europe with 500.000 more immigrants


Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has warned that the EU and Turkey have a “secret behind-the-scenes” deal to

This hushed-up plan is part of the €3 billion deal to keep illegal immigrants from getting to Europe, via Turkey.

Prime Minister Orban said “there’s a nasty surprise awaiting Europe…”

“The issue [of Syrian immigration] will be a hot potato in the coming period because even though this could be kept in a semi-secret state…someone somewhere – I think in Berlin this week – will announce that 400,000-500,000 Syrian refugees could be brought straight from Turkey to the EU.”

He is particularly upset about this because he believes the EU will, again, put “huge pressure” on Hungary to take the Syrians in., an important Hungarian politician, warned that this “manufactured mass migration” into Europe was being used as a type of “racial weapon” to get rid of White people in Europe.

What’s happening in Europe, is that the EU “diversity” dictators want to flood the continent with as many non-White immigrants as possible, in order to get rid of White majority countries.

For decades, they tried to do this with legal immigration, but eventually everyone got fed up and started voting for alternative political parties.

In this last year, we have seen that they tried to push their agenda by allowing illegal immigrants to just walk right through the borders. Again, this upset many people, and they

And now we see the EU “diversity” dictators are trying to push their agenda secretly behind closed doors, and just hope that no one notices.

They are starting to reek of desperation. People are waking up in masses, and what they are discovering is that the top echelons of society have waged White genocide on Europe, America, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

We can, and will, legally class their agenda as because they are deliberately trying to change the population of White countries with mass immigration and

Mr Orban earlier said the quotas were “illegal, unreasonable and unfair”, adding that Brussels had overstepped its authority by approving the scheme.