Islamic Peace Process:
History shows that every time Islam was allowed to settle a region, within one year there was a war in that region. History proves this without a doubt; one simply has to research the internet to find conclusive proof of this fact.
No government of any nation will openly admit to a war against Islam. A statement like that would result in unequalled worldwide demonstrations against that country. Yet the irrefutable proof lies within history itself.

War in Somalia (2006–present)
Darfur conflict
Kashmir conflict
Iraq War
War in Afghanistan
Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Second Chechen War
Fatah-Hamas conflict
Islamic insurgency in the Philippines
2007 Ogaden conflict
South Thailand insurgency
Waziristan War
2007 Lebanon conflict
Insurgency in Saudi Arabia
Sa'dah conflict
Kurdish insurgency in Turkey
Civil war in Iraq
Second Tuareg Rebellion
War on Terror
Lebanese Civil War
Ogaden War
Libya-Chad War
Somali Civil War
Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
Iran–Iraq War
Soviet war in Afghanistan
Al-Anfal Campaign
Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
Second Sudanese Civil War
Mauritania-Senegal Border War
Afghan Civil War (1989-1992)
Nagorno-Karabakh War
Gulf War
Bosnian War
Civil War in Tajikistan
First Chechen War
Kosovo War
Algerian Civil War

Given the current situation in Gaza; the Israel Defense Forces are justified in their actions. Let’s assume for a moment that your neighbor’s children throw rocks at your children on a daily basis. After speaking with the children’s parents by telephone, you decide to walk over there and have a few words with them,; only to be rebuffed. It’s at that point you would take a different stand on the matter

This is the situation in Israel today. After years of having rocks (missiles ) landing in their neighborhood, the IDF is doing something about it. Violence begets violence, and it will continue to grow more violent each month as one side, or another, increase the ante.
Little attention is given to the fact that Palestine has been the leading exporter of terrorism since the early 1960’s. nearly every terrorist act committed across the globe had the PLO, Hamas, and other militant Palestinian fingerprint. For example; the Munich Massacre was executed by PLO terrorist. Several airline hijackings were carried out by Palestinians, and the list grows every day.

Until the media stops portraying these terrorists as victims, and depicts them for the animals that they truly are; then the wars in the Mideast will continue to grown in magnitude until it reaches the shores of America, and our children become victim to the Palestinian version of democracy and freedom.

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