Russia is a poor country-they say, it has no future-they-said. Stop being so ignorant - I say!

Everybody heard of a place called Chechnya. It is a republic of Russian Federation and is located in very south of it, in Caucasus. After the break up of Soviet Union in 1991, most powerful people of secret societies including Rothschild family, using some corrupt officials in western world and financial priority created oligarchs in Russia from young ambitious guys with lack of patriotism, were ready to sell their country and people for a small thing such as money. Financing Chechen terrorists and pressuring then weak Russian government, they made many attempts to split Russia in pieces by destabilizing regions. It would of been easier to steal all of it's vast resources and control public in poverty and chaos if they succeeded. But thanks to Mr. Putin, who then was a head of KGB and of course knew about such things, took control of the nation in 2000 and quickly organized a strong team to start a total overhaul in Russia and return of power and control of it's territory and resources to it's people. He quickly put the team of experienced generals, brought in some forces to Chechnya and in a timely matter wiped out any resistance which before was bringing much money to corrupt officials and deaths to young soldiers. ( )
The city where most of the fighting was happening during the war is the capital of the Chechen republic and is called Grozny. In 2003, only 9 years ago, it was ranked as the most ruined city in the world by war! So 9 years passed by and many people in our brain-washed country believe that there is still some type of shootings/war going on and people there live in shacks.


I created this post for those of you who still believe that. to surprise you and try to open your mind and wake up to the reality that good things are happening around the world, but bad things are happening here in our country and not because that's the way it is, but because we chose this to be our reality.
Below are the pictures of the same city only 8-9 years after what you saw above. No wonder western elite brainwashed us by using their media corporations into thinking that Mr. Putin is s monster, because all of the money goes to the people of Russia, not their pockets.


Very much the same way those very powerful people and families who were behind the America's 2008 economical crisis and manipulation of rates using LIBOR, increased they power in Western world by bankrupting businesses and forcing people out of their homes. By doing so they are buying everything out pennies on the dollar, including American government. Great example of people that they use is Mr. Romney who claims to know to bring business, but in fact made all of his money on "business-harvesting" the term I just explain you about - pretty much making a great deal of money on shutting businesses down and letting corporations like Wal-mart take over and pay pennies to it's workers and treat them like dogs. This is why Mr. Romney keeps his money on the same island, the rest of the elite does, so no one is to steal, freeze or claim any tax from. But Romney is about the size of microbe compare to some elephants there. When you hear that Bill Gates is the richest man on earth, know that it's a lie. Some families there have so much assets saved over centuries, that they could finance the entire world for next 100 years. Those are the same people that create wars for profit, just like G. W. Bush's grandfather who financed Hitler in WW2 or Rockefeller who financed communist revolution in Russia.
Much of people call this - Conspiracy, but that is because they are very ignorant and don't know the reality and history, thinking they live in a fairy-tale and are taught to blame themselves and public. What else many people these days don't realize is that the crisis that is happening in middle-east isn't just a sententious raise in protests of people who just one day decided that their government isn't good enough for them. What this really is, a carefully planned out chain of events and controlled circumstances designed by the world elite(which most of us have absolutely no idea and even doubt their existence) to destabilize the region and insert own puppets in each country as a head of state who would work strictly in their interests. An example of this is TPAJAX project by Eisenhower. And later insertion of Shah Mohammad as a head of Iran in 1941, because American and British companies weren't happy about Mossaddegh who nationalized Iran's oil industry and by doing so benefiting Iranian people instead of Western elite and their corporations. Puppet man ruled until 1979 and went into exile after Iranian people demanded changes, but back then they were bad protesters, because they were protesting against American influence and interest in Iran's vast resources.
( )
What is happening now in Syria is exact the same thing as happened in Russia, Iran, China and many many more nations. Only now many of them have learned the weakness of Western parasitic economy which always benefits from other nations, so the vultures turned on their own people here, due to the failed attempt to secure Russia's resources. Why do you think all these wars against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan happen in a first place? to help poor people build democracy? If Elite cared about people so much, they would take care of their own people in the western world first, not bankrupting Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Ireland. Why do we hear about those guys, but not hear about Iceland? Because it was a horrible failure for bankers in Iceland who were arrested and imprisoned for a very long time for putting national interests in jeopardy. We don't hear about it, because they don't want us to know this is possible and repeating a series of arrests against bankers!
We can get our countries back and live very good lives, we don't need economy in a good shape to live good, all we need is well-informed citizenry who won't take any s*** from government or bankers. If we take everything in our hands, economy will be secondary thing, because economy these days is just a reflection of people's supply and demand, but should be a science of saving, conserving and reusing - the very meaning of the word ECONOMY!
Think about it and let me know what you think in comments or write me a message, but for now it's time for me to go sleep. Good bye and ..ENJOY !!!

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