Childrens Place gets protest over clothing made in unsafe sweatshops

On the 15th of May, protesters showed up in front of the Children's
Place in Colombia Heights. Their merchandise was found in the ruins of
one of the factories in the collapsed Rana Plaza builidng in Bangladesh.

Midnight of the 15th of May is the deadline for retailers to sign the
factory safety agreement that could have prevented this collapse, had it
been in effect at that time. As of 6PM on May 15th, Children's Place
has not signed that agreement. Protesters were on hand to demand they do
so, and were able to deliver a letter to the store manager.
Unfortunately the response was a poorply-writtenm pre-printed form
letter in reply. This did list a phone number, which everyone with a
cell phone promptly called!

Just over 1,100 bodies were recovered from Rana Plaza by the time the Bangladeshi military gave up on recovery efforts.

Cops knew about the protest in advance, and formed a defense line in
front of the door. This probably turned away many more customers than
the picket line did, given how many people cross picket lines these
days. The picket turned away more, so I suspect sure the Children's
Place lost money as a result of this protest.

Speaking of cops, the cops who usually show up at every protest were
absent, perhaps in recognition of MPD's role in starting the fighting at
the GAP protest on Mayday. Speaking of the GAP, there was another
protest there about the same collapsed factory building on Saturday, the
11th of May without problems.