Nazarbayev Gives Putin a History Lesson


Vladimir Putin, " There has never been any state on the lands of Kazakhstan. "


* Our state tradition, the root of the Kazakh nation began with the Huns. After the Huns, there was the Göktürk state.

After Göktürk, there was the Golden Horde. All these independent states created the sovereign Kazakhstan today. We have such a great history.

Our youth must learn that Kazakh people did not appear just yesterday. These lands was the center of the Huns, Göktürk and the Golden Horde.

I said it once and I repeat it. If there will be anything that will harm our sovereignty such as the customs union, Kazakhstan will never participate.

Our most valuable wealth is independence. We will not give our independence away which was earned with the blood and sweat of our ancestors.

We must protect it until the last drop of our blood and keep our security and armed forces intact.

Nursultan Nazarbayev, The President of Kazakhstan