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Rush: We have a lot of things to be embarrassed about in the US …

Ed Morrisey @ says:

"This may anger a few people and have them arguing over hyperbole. However, in the week that the President’s party plots to take over a sixth of the American economy without a floor vote, debating the finer points of rhetoric and banana republics is nothing short of academic.

Besides, can anyone argue that the White House has acted more forcefully and with public anger over the 1600 housing units in Jerusalem than to the nuclear-weapons program in Iran or the Iranian suppression of democracy activists since last summer? Which poses more of a threat to the US — 1600 housing units in Jerusalem or a nuclear bomb controlled by Iran? To call the outrage from the White House “disproportionate” is to make an art form out of understatement."

Added: Mar-16-2010 
By: lemon-ka
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