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Journalist & Jew Nathalie ROTHSCHILD ( name sound familiar? )

Journalist and Jew Nathalie ROTHSCHILD recently wrote the following article from a rather negative standpoint.
Can you guess what her possible agenda could be?

Nathalie Rothschild
Is this Monty Python’s Occupy Wall Street?
The surreal protests in New York’s financial district will certainly leave the system shaking. With laughter.

They promised to ‘take down Wall Street’, to start a new American revolution modelled on the Arab Spring, to rally a crowd of 20,000 who would set up peaceful barricades in the ‘belly of the beast’ – the financial district of New York City – and camp out there for several months. Instead, the Occupy Wall Street campaign, a ‘leaderless resistance movement’, has out-Monty Pythoned the Flying Circus.

On Saturday 17 September, D-day for the Wall

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