The Last French women in Eurabian France

France is starting to know the story of bookseller Marie-Neige Sardin. A woman alone, culturally isolated in the new "Multicultural"suburb of Bourget, she has been attacked more than 30 times in the last 10 years. Including vicious beatings and gang rapes by Muslim men

Her complaints to the police were ignored and dismissed. It was implied to her that she perhaps deserved the rapes and beatings for daring to stay in a Muslim area of France when she should have left and allowed the entire area to be ethically cleansed of all French people, in order to maintain the "peace". No Perpetrators from any of the crimes were ever arrested by the French police, most likely from fear of upsetting community cohesion. Only recently one man was charged with a crime, but whether he will face punishment is debatable.