Molotov Cocktail Shower

A group of young rebels have filmed themselves ambushing a convoy of
police four-wheel-drives on a highway in Bahrain and pelting the
vehicles with flaming Molotov cocktails.

Youth Movement Duraz posted the video online saying the "attack on
enemy vehicles" took place in Diraz, a small village on the northwest
coast of Bahrain, on December 3. The footage shows the men
preparing for the skirmish with two crates full of Molotov cocktails - a
homemade weapon consisting of a fuel-filled bottle topped with a rag of
cloth that is set alight. The men are then seen sprinting across a
busy highway and hurling the flaming bottles at four four-wheel-drives,
causing fire to explode around the vehicles. One of the home-made missiles lands in the tray of the final vehicle in the convoy and it erupts into flames. The video ends as the men run out of Molotov cocktails and begin to make their retreat. The group posted another video online the same day showing a roadblock with burning tyres being set up. Youth Movement Duraz is a activist group in Bahrain that claims to be campaigning for the rights of young people. On
their Facebook page they claim that Bahrain authorities have been
targeting students and teachers: "Jailing them, or killing them and
injuring some of them." The group said it wanted the international
community to put pressure on the "dictator regime in Bahrain" and make
authorities adhere to human rights. At least 80 people have
reportedly been killed in Bahrain since an uprising erupted in February
2011, around the time the Arab Spring swept across the region, toppling
rulers in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.


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Location: Diraz, Bahrain


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