Top German Journalist Confesses on Video the News Media is Censored and Fake

Dr. Udo Ulfkotte a longtime top German Journalist has done a video interview in which he admits that he and other journalists are controlled to a certain degree by intelligence agencies such as the CIA. He says bribery and story planting are common. Ulfkotte’s news media jobs have included being a foreign correspondent and an editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung one of the larger German newspapers.One of the chief aims of this press control, according to Ulfkotte, is to start wars. He says he was trained to hide the truth and that is how the other reporters are trained.

The video speaks for itself: Note the video should show of his confession, we embedded it from YouTube it is a RT interview that has been condensed. The AUN-TV story about it with video is also here:

Edo's confession matches with what a CBS revealed about Whitehouse press briefing being rehearsed on air. AUN-TV revealed that here with video:

Almost as soon as AUN-TV posted the news story with the title “CBS News Confesses Whitehouse Press Conferences are Staged and Scripted with Reporters Collaboration” an apparent cover-up was begun. The report by CBS reporter Catherine Anaya was up on YouTube, which we not only watched, but made a copy of in case censorship was attempted on this story. Checking the story shortly thereafter this is what we saw.


Then a quick check showed that both the Whitehouse and the CBS station were trying to run away from the revelation that Whitehouse Press Briefings are staged. Before we show the denials, first view what the CBS reporter said on air. AUN-TV is showing just 16 seconds of the video, which is protected under the Fair Use doctrine for news gathering. We include a clip from “Naked Gun” for comparison of Leslie Nielsen’s acting ability to that of Jay Carney.

We can only put one video per story here on LiveLeak, but the video of the CBS confesstion is on the story linked above.