Race horse shaking off rider,jumps railing of racetrack

A horse race went wild Saturday night at Remington Park in Oklahoma City.

Zoominroutesixtysix began to buck at the halfway point of the 350-yard race, losing jockey Jeremy Garcia in the process.

After shaking her rider, she jumped the inside railing of the racetrack, catching part of it with a hind leg, falling to the ground between the main track and the turf course.

The energetic Zoominroutesixtysix was not hurt and regained her footing.

She began to run down the culvert between the tracks toward the finish line even after race seven had already finished.

Scott Wells, the general manager of Remington Park, sprinted across the dirt track, ducked under the railing and made a lunging grab of Zoominroutesixtysix's reins.

After the filly's momentum carried the pair for a few yards, she was stopped and walked off the track by Wells.

Jockey, horse and general manager, all were fine, walking off under their own power.

Miss Shivers won Race Seven on Saturday at Remington Park.