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All Democrats (57 tyrranicalsaurusrex's) supporting carolyn mccarthy's clip ban [hr1022 now hr308]

+(D) Columbus,OH mayor spends over a $million on 3 cop protection Bloomberg-style, while crusading against his taxpayer's gun rights..

these AWB proposals are so tiring, wasteful, sidetracking, dangerous to the law abiding, ineffectual to the felon, but here we go again as history repeats via the DNC..

video here:
some harry-homeowner-quality-level homemade mags [fairly horrific, jagged, injected and hewn nylon followers] for the glock 19 from the late 90's (no original ideas, all features copied), ironically the same as medicated, Democrat Sheriff Dupnik protected, psycho Loughner's gun. On the left a g19 fifteen round and on the right a 30 round for (all glock 9mm). The channels (left) and dimples (right) simply take the place of the polymer cover on all glock mags. Obviously not a design 'problem' on All Other Guns. Only 'issue' with these mags is getting the mag catch se


Added: Feb-10-2011 
By: HydrogenEconomy
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