Syria Udpate Exclusive: 'King of US TOW Antitank Missiles' Killed in Russian Airstrikes in Latakia * 20/10/2015 *

the russian jets have killed a US/CIA-Trained Terrorist
russias primary objecitve is to clear the latakia area
and pave the way for a major " hit-to-kill " on the Idilb Province
with is held by the US/CIA-Trained Terrorists
btw those are also the ones that attacked Kasab 2014 April

Turkey plays a major key role on the " war on syria "
and will be punished for that no doubt


The Russian fighter jets' continued operations
against the terrorist positions across the coastal province of Lattakia
left at least 40 militants dead, including Basel Zimmo (Abu Hamza) a
senior commander known as the King of US TOW antitank missiles.The
Russian warplanes, on Monday midnight and early hours of Tuesday,
targeted the hideout of the militant commanders in Jabal al-Akrad area
by several missiles, in which at least 40 terrorists were killed and
many others were injured.

Abu Hamza, a defected captain and Chief of Staff
of Coastal Division, was trained by the US forces in Turkey to operate
the US-made antitank missiles against the government forces in Syria.

Zimmo targeted many army tanks in Syria by TOW missiles and trained many militants to work with the TOW missiles.

On Sunday, the Syrian fighter jets bombed several
headquarters, concentration centers, and vehicles of the terrorists in
Qaraqfi mountain, North of Salma, Marj Khokha and Tertiah in the
Northern countryside of Lattakia.

Scores of terrorists were killed in the air raids.
A number of the militants' hideouts and machinegun-equipped vehicles
were also destroyed.