9 missiles fired at Libyan military base from the sea, Al Qaeda negotiating for the release of 2 US intelligence officers in Libya

Today about 3pm Libyan time, 9 missiles were fired upon a Libyan military base called Al Watia base (west from Tripoli ..close with Tunisian boarders) . The missiles were
fired from offshore (exact words – “they came from the sea”) The place
that was hit housed Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood factions.

After the bombing, the good tribeof Al Ajaylat (from the town of the same name) closed the borders and captured 2 US Intelligence people from the Tripoli Embassy. They took
their guns and their devices (paraphernalia that they were in possession
of), their ID’s and are keeping them capture in Al Ajaylat. All
attached photos were taken this afternoon of the 2 men and their ID’s.

Next there is a negotiation going on for the release of these 2 men via Muftah Al-Dawadi, who was an inmate in Abu Salim for his membership in Al-Qaeda before the NATO
invasion of Libya. Al Dawadi is to transport these 2 Americans to Abdulhakem Belhaj (you know him) who will then transport them to the US Embassy.

I don’t think that there is an American that would understand how or why Al Qaeda is negotiating for the release of US intelligence officers in Libya. How bad a person or
country do you have to be to have Al Qaeda as your best friend?

Why were these men captured? They were captured because the Libyans are not having anymore US underhanded control of their country – this is the Tribes stepping up now, this is
how the change is coming. There are too many questions, what were these 2
intelligence officers doing driving back to Tripoli from the location of the bombing? Were they involved in the bombing? - did they call in the strike? How many innocent people did these murderers kill today?

This all stinks and the Libyans are sick of the smell.

Source: nesaranews.blogspot.com/2014/01/today-9-missiles-were-fired-