Police dash cam captures officers 100mph crash

Police Dash Cam,February 27/09:A Fort Worth police officer who crashed his patrol car last month was driving 100 mph shortly before it overturned, according to video from the dashboard camera.

Officer T. Horne was on his way to help another officer who wasn’t answering his radio when he lost control on Bridge Street at about 8:30 p.m. on Feb. 27.

The video, obtained under the Texas Open Records Law, shows the officer reached 99 mph as he approached a group of cars, then slowed to pass them.

Then, as he was about to pass another car, he topped out at 100 mph and lost control, the video shows.

Horne was rushed to a hospital, but was not seriously injured.

There are no policies limiting how fast officers can drive on the way to an emergency, but police will review the crash to see if the officer was at fault.

"If so, he will face some sort of discipline," Lt. Paul Henderson said.