Old man stops a thief with a kick

Raul Muñoz, 84 yo, was walking with his wife in the mall when he noticed that a thief (15 yo) escaped from a nearby jewelry after the screams of a clerk.

After the kick, the thief managed to stand up again, but he was intercepted a few meters beyond the site by a worker, who managed to bring him down and reduce it with kicks with the help of others.

From there, the old man was transferred to the German Clinic, where he was discharged to his home.

"It was instinctive. If I think, I do. I threw the kick and then i forgot the world. After that my wife did not speak to me for about 4 hours. I was punished. She asked me, 'but how you do these things?' And I said, 'Well ... I did it' "said the man


By: fabi2k6 (300.20)

Tags: Old man, thief, mall, commercial center, jewelry, kick, knock out.

Location: Chile