"No losses" or how ukrops end up as "surgical waste"

So amongst other things that were supposed to not exist or be "fake" were ukrop military losses. A soldier there, a conscript here... and besides: KIA means the Kiev govt has to actually pay the families and/or relatives some form of compensation. But how about this: Mykhailo gets drafted, Mykhailo decelerates bullets with his face, Mykhailo gets buried as "surgical waste" and the family is informed that "he has gone AWOL" or "he joined the separatists". How convenient!
Here is a video of just that - rows upon rows of graves tagged as "surgical waste". The guy filming it even had a witty comment "Look, some people even find their amputated appendix and put a cross on it!", referring to the "surgical" part of the supposed "surgical waste" inscription on the little plaques. No, in case you wonder nobody anywhere buries actual surgical waste in any way similar to a person being buried.
How many ukrop soldiers/volunteers/nazi battalion members ended up this way will probably remain unknown forever. But as long as there are "No losses!" then it's probably justified in the eyes of Kiev govt.

This particular footage is from Odessa.


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