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RAW VIDEO: Bilderberg Meeting Protest in Istanbul, 02 Jun 2007

The highly secretive 'Bilderberg Meetings' drew angry protests in Istanbul The only U.S. media report this year about 200 of the most powerful people in the world meeting in secret was a single article in the Dallas Morning News - in terms of media freedom and journalistic muckraking, the Turkish press puts its cowardly and controlled American counterparts to shame.

Number of mainstream U.S. news outlets that reported on Paris Hilton over the past week: 10,000+

Number of mainstream U.S. news outlets that reported on a meeting of nearly 200 of the world's most powerful people this past weekend; Less than a handful.

The Bilderberg Group meeting, an annual conference at which the consensus for future global policy is provably manifested, again passed by with barely a mention on behalf of America's corporate media.

The Dallas Morning News carried a single article about Texas G

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Iraq, Iran
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