Woman blocking ambulance from taking victims to hospital

She hit the mother and daughter on the scooter and tried to delay the rescue when people were taking the victims to hospital. The 4 yo girl died and the mother is still in critical condition. It is not known if the death was caused by her action or any criminal charge was pressed on her. Things like this happened before in which drivers tried to kill the victims directly or indirectly because one time compensation for the dead could be much less than that paying for the disabled victims for lifetime.

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At 10:30 on the June 17th, 2012 about the Linyi Champs Lido district Ms. Wang with his own son and daughter to go out to buy food back in preparation for the evening for Father's Day father-in-law had. Son riding a bicycle to go on the outside, riding an electric car with a 4-year-old daughter walking on the side. Mother and three from east to west, riding, had a unit left ten meters away from their home where the two units, from west to east, rapid oncoming car hit the face of Ms. Wang's electric car. Pair were Zhuangfei out the daughter "fly" across the two cars parked on the roadside, fell under the car of the third car. The electric car was pushed into two sections, is the presence of one to send the courier and a driver nearly hit, a difference of only a dozen centimeters. The car accident they were scratching after a couple of cars hit the flower beds, and was able to stop. 120 ambulance arrived, the mother and daughter to the hospital, followed by the 4-year-old girl was declared died, mother and Ms. Wang after the rescue, now living in the intensive care unit, not yet out of danger. Linyi 120 emergency command center feedback record, the feedback of 10:39 minutes an ambulance arrived on the scene no one was injured, obviously Champs Lido district occurred is a serious car accident, the ambulance staff why the first time the feedback is so absurd? Original Zhang Yan actually try to block an ambulance to the rescue. Can clearly see in the surrounding residential property owners, shooting video, Zhang Yan-off naked, lying on the 120 ambulance car, stop the ambulance to save people. Zhang Yan naked, and will stand up to scare people, one would then lie down, scared the security, health care workers dared go near. To district residents work together to lift the car, the little girl to hold out of the bus to the ambulance at the bottom of Zhang Yan quickly get up and go to catch up, the little girl to take it over onto the ground. The original and breathing child, and then after this is a hit to begin gasped air, to the hospital after she died.