North Korea- Children of the Secret State Part 1

For all those who look at the USA and see evil, The true face of desperate people of police states, starvation, cannabalism, death.
You know who you are

We as a world support this regime By not doing anything about it and by providing FUEL and food to support its MILITARY
the COST Of peace with this nation is this.. A benefactor. The abuse, the torture at these prison camps the testing of biological weapons on HUMANS..
This is one of the few things i have seen that have actually made be breakdown its infuriating.
Also a drug state produced opium 500 million to 1 billion a year. Uses prime agricultural land to grow opium instead of feeding its people

It seems that the government is considerably more interested in the appearance of wealth and stabilty than it is about the welfare of its youth.

He then speaks to people with first-hand knowledge of the situation in North Korea: a farmer, forced to grow opium to fund the army; an ex-soldier with tales of concentration camps and gruesome executions; and various people who have seen human flesh for sale.

At the end of this film, we could not be sure of Ahn Chol's safety as he had not met our team as arranged, and we feared the worst: if he had been caught filming he would have been imprisoned, and probably executed. But since then we have heard that he returned safely to China. In February 2002 Ahn Chol was awarded the prestigious Rory Peck award for features, for the bravery and quality of his undercover footage.