Women chases a rat back into her toilet and flushes him

A Winston-Salem woman used a plunger and an empty container of kitty litter to wrangle a rat back into her toilet before flushing it.

With her video camera rolling, Kara Weatherman coaxed the rat from behind the bathroom sink, jabbing at it with the handle of a plunger, until it suddenly jumped into the toilet. She quickly turned an empty kitty litter container upside down over the toilet seat.

"I was as scared of it as it was of me," she said. "I was just kind of winging it."

A few seconds later, Weatherman peaks under the container and catches the rat swimming down into the toilet. She then flushes twice.

"I just thank God it went back down the toilet," she said.

Weatherman called the city to report the incident, and an inspector came out to check her house.

According to Richie Brooks, the director of Winston-Salem's Neighborhood Services Department, a private vendor contracted by the city will come out Friday afternoon to bait the neighborhood near Weatherman's Sprague St. home.

Brooks said he had never heard of a rat coming through the toilet, but said he wasn't surprised it happened. He said recent weather probably has rodents desperate for relief.

Greg Johns, the owner of Johns Plumbing, said he's heard of snakes, rats and other creatures coming out of toilets. Johns said the solution involves installing a backwater valve, which only allowed water to flow in one direction -- out of the toilet bowl.

Weatherman hopes the city is able to get rid of the rats without killing other creatures like cats. And she's kept a sense of humor about the episode.

"It was kind of disturbing at the time," she said, "but now it seems kind of comical."
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