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Canadian Police raids wrong apartment....dragged naked man at GUN POINT

A man in Arnprior, Ontario was woken up this past Friday by a stun grenade smashing through his window and by a group of armed individuals pointing a gun at him while he was dragged out of bed. While it may sound like a scary home invasion out of a thriller movie, it was instead a case of mistaken identity by the Ontario Provincial Police.

Steven Carrigan was pulled out of bed, naked, by an OPP tactical squad who were supposed to be arresting a neighbor on charges of possession of marijuana and a prohibited weapon. Instead, they got the apartment number wrong, exploding a stun grenade on Carrigan's son's bed — luckily, his son was not in bed at the time — and holding him at gunpoint before realizing their error.

The neighbor was later arrested, and the OPP sent out a press release claiming that the mission was a success. The police have now admitted that in fact, the officers did "

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