Petrol heist goes very wrong

An attempted petrol heist appears to have gone very wrong when a would-be thief set his own shoes on fire.

A member of the public shared CCTV with police that shows the suspected thief hotfooting it along a street in West Busselton, Western Australia, with his shoes ablaze.

The man is believed to have been trying to steal petrol from a car when something went wrong and the car caught on fire about 9pm Thursday in Langridge Place.

Senior Sergeant Steve Principe, of Busselton police, said the footage gave him a laugh.

“I was a bit surprised how bright it was,” Snr Sgt Principe told reporters, adding, “It helped to relieve some of the stress of the day.”

Snr Sgt Principe said officers were keen to speak to the person on the video.

“It would be nice to hear from the person whose shoes were on fire,” he said.

“We’re concerned for his welfare, and we would also like to catch up with him.”