Protesters entered the house of Yanukovych loyalist Pshonka; discovered funny objects

"Police and security chiefs addressing parliament announced orders for the detention of Yanukovych's tax minister Oleksander Klimenko - a particularly close ally - and his prosecutor-general, Viktor Pshonka."

"Following law enforcement agencies' instructions, the State Border Service barred citizens Pshonka and Klymenko, who were identified by border guards at the Donetsk Avia checkpoint, from leaving the country." The bodyguards of Pshonka and Klymenko resisted to the border guards in the airport's VIP lounge, which let the two leave the airport's building."

On Sunday, protesters and journalist entered the house of Pshonka. Pshonka's official salary (as the public prosecutor of Ukraine) should only have been $54,000 a year (which is still over 11 times the median salary in Ukraine).

Inside the house they encountered many funny things, including paintings of Pshonka as Julius Caesar, and books for exorcising demons.

Pshonka (left) and Yanukovych

Below: Pshonka's house.

At 4:58 in the video his portrait where he is painted as Napoleon.