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Islam's Genocidal Slavery - Islam's black slave trade

The combination of Islam’s anti-black racism (see text in Mohammad’s and Islam’s anti-Black racism. Part D in Islam’s genocidal slavery:) and its hatred for all non-Muslims was unleashed on Africa through raids and invasions from the 7th century on. Tribal hatreds and wars are a legacy of Islam’s slave trade where certain tribes ‘converted’ and enslaved other tribes. Africa has been decimated; it’s social fabric, people and cultures destroyed. The barbarity of Islam has impacted severely on many, inhibiting development, equality, freedom and tolerance. Islamic slavery was so integrated into African society that many struggle with freedom –many remain enslaved even today.
Jihad slavery, allowed under Sharia is an effective weapon of Islamization.

Using the information available on the slave trade, and the survival rate of those in transit to slave markets,


Added: Sep-28-2009 
By: IslamMonitor
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