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Iran- Brits MUST admit they were in Iranian Waters

"YOU HAVE NO CHOICE". Iran have now told Britain that they can "only see" Faye if they admit they were in Iranian waters. Not that then she can come home but can only `see her `! . The Foreign minister for Iran said" She will be home soon" but that was before the caveat"only if you admit you had strayed into Iranian waters".this just aint going to happen just so Iran can "save face" !. Either the Brits did stray into Iranian waters or they did not.If they did not then it was Iran that stayed into Iraqi waters and we can all see where that "other side of the coin leads". It seems having gone public neither side can now back down which was an amicable plan "A". No one has an amicable plan "B". The next step is yet another UN resolution and even that won`t get the captives released.
Since Britian lacks a "big stick" and its too late to offer a " carrot" where does it go from here?
Time to

Added: Mar-29-2007 
By: aliveleak
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