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Secret Luftwaffe aircraft of WW2 - pt 2 of 5

Reichsmarschal Hermann Goering was so convinced in 1940 that his Luftwaffe was invincible that he decreed that only refinements of exsisting types need be considered - there was no need for more research and development, the war would be short and sharp. The Battle of Britain and the flawed invasion of the Soviet Union changed all that. Germany needed all the technological muscle it could muster. From mid-1941 onwards the brakes were off and some of the finest minds in aerodynamics turned there thoughts to war-winning fighters of a new generation.

Momentum was gained at an incredible pace, moving through advanced piston engined designs to produce jet fighters using aerodynamic concepts that the Allies seemed unable to match. Thankfully, the time-lag generated by the German leadership allowed little in the way of hardware to appear operationally by 1945.

During World War II, German

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