The Prayer of Ukrainian nationalist

The Prayer of Ukrainian nationalist — patriotic prayer text, written between 1920s-1930s by one of the leaders of Ukrainian Nationalists Osip Maschak and completed later by members of Ukrainian nationalist organizations.The words of the main text were written on the wall of the prison by the blood of Osip Maschak after his imprisonment during his trial of 1936 in Lviv.

The text of the prayer: UKRAINE, Holy Mother of Heroes, come to my heart, arrive as the Caucasian storm wind, as the noise of Carpathian sources, as the battles of glorious Conqueror Father Khmel, as the triumph and the loud guns of Revolution, as the joyful hum of the Sophia bells.

Let me to be reborn in You and I will have the sunset glow with Your glory, because You are all my whole life, because You are all my happiness.
Bell me with the clangor of chains, with the creaking of gallows during the dark mornings, bring me the cries of the tortured in the cellars and prisons, and in the exile, that my faith will become the granite, that perseverance growing, and strength, that I am going to fight without scaring, like were going the Heroes for You, for Your glory, for Your Holy Ideas; to revenge the shame of submission, the dishonor, the grumbling of Your tormentors, the innocent blood of the persecuteds of Bazar, Kruty, Kingiri and Vorkuta, the heroic death of the heroes of the Ukrainian Nation, for the Ukrainian National Revolution — Colonel Yevhen Konovalets, Basarabova, Golovinsky, Shukhevych, Bandera and the glorious death of Danylyshyn and Bilas, and thousands of others unknown to us, that their bones are dirty or weakly buried.
All the weakness in my heart burn with the life-giving fire. That I do not have to know the fear, that I must not know what hesitation is. Empowered my spirit, harden my will, come to live in my heart! In prisons and hard moments of resistant life, grow me to bright ranks. In the ranks of those, let me find sweet death, death in torment for You. And I will merge in You, and I will live forever in You, EVERLASTING UKRAINE, POWERFUL and UNITY!


"The prayer of the Ukrainian nationalist" should have been known by everyone who joined the UPA and its youth organization.

Prayer is now used for activities conducted by members of Ukrainian nationalist organizations. Also, this prayer is read by the fighters of the battalions "Azov", "Sich" before the departure for the war with russians.


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