Somali immigrant who raped a sleeping man and DEAD Swedish woman won't be deported

Abdi Hakim Ali, 35, claims to have the right to stay in Sweden, even though he was guilty of two rapes, according to the Stockholm District Court,

The 35-year-old man from Somalia who in February was sentenced to five years in prison and deportation for rape of a sleeping man and a dying woman has appealed the ruling to the Supreme Court.

It was in August and September last year that 35-year-old Abdi Hakim Ali from Somalia was found guilty of two rapes in Stockholm. One rape was committed against a sleeping man in a shelter for the homeless; the other against a dying woman in a parking garage in the Sheraton Hotel in Vasagatan. The woman died either during or shortly after the rape. Now, Hakim Ali appealed the Court ruling to the Supreme Court. In the appeal, he requests the Supreme Court to modify the expulsion order and let him stay in Sweden, but claims to not want to be absolved from any of the offenses he was convicted of.