US to consider doubters of 9/11 as a potential terrorist

The F-B-I has instructed U-S police departments to consider anyone who doubts the 9/11 to be a potential terrorist.

According to F-B-I’s recent circular, those who hold the attitude described as conspiracy theories about Westerners should be considered suspicious of possible involvement in terrorist activity. As an example, the circular refers to those who say the CIA arranged for the 9/11 attacks to legitimize the invasion of foreign lands. This puts roughly half of the United States population in the category, as a recent national poll shows that 48 percent of Americans have doubts about the official account of 9/11. Many say staging a fake terrorist attack is not a new concept for the US government. A document declassified by the Pentagon in 1998 shows that the Joint Chiefs of Staff had approved a plan in 1962, to attack and kill American citizens to provide justifications for US military intervention in Cuba. The plan was later rejected by President John F. Kennedy.