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A crisis in Islam

When the non-Muslim world says with clear conviction that Islam propagates extremism, Muslims all around the world, even the terrorists, cry foul and declare that they are maligning Islam.

But is there a loophole some where in this faith that can make a follower an extremist? How can the so-called religion of peace be twisted in such a way that it becomes a weapon of murder? This everyday carnage in the name of Islam has not been taken seriously by the Muslims, thinking this is a kind of protest against oppression.

I went to many mosques to hear the sermons provided by the clerics but was totally disappointed to note that there is no pragmatic approach to this serious issue. They still spread fear in the name of Islam and criminally keep the worshippers in the dark.

The so-called modern educated Muslims play a more vicious role than these illiterate mullahs, because...


Added: Jul-13-2008 
By: grayokc
Tags: islam, terrorism, mosques, complacency
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