ALL UNCOVERED : Terrorist's Confession: We obtained chem materials and coordinated with foreign sides * 01 11 2013 ° the day and hour is near "

more and more truth and evidence is being revealed
more and more the filthy network and plot on syria is revealed

all i can say the day and hour is coming closer and closer
to pay the bill

the US/Israael/Salafist Alliance will have no more future in the middle east
the page is allready turned

get ready the times will get real though


Section : Politics - Syria

Breaking News Network - Agencies

Damascus, Terrorist Waissi Sami Kanno,
member of the so-called "The Storm of North Brigade", admitted to
contacting Turkish and Gulf officials and Lebanese MP from Future
Movement Oqab Saqr for coordinating and committing terrorist acts in
Aleppo and receiving weapons, including chemical materials.

In his confessions broadcast by the
Syrian Television on Thursday, the 40-year-old Kanno acknowledged
committing acts of transferring chemical materials from the Turkish city
of Kilis to Azaz and robbing factories in Aleppo and transferring the
stolen things into Turkey.

Kanno, who is originally from Azaz and
used to work as a school principal, related the details of how he joined
the so-called "Omar Ibn al-Aas Wing" of "The Storm of North Brigade"
upon the request of the brigade's leader Ammar Dadikhi, who Kanno said
used to work as smuggler between Turkey and Syria.

Kanno pointed out that he and other
terrorists of the group used to attack checkpoints of the Syrian army at
the entrance of Aleppo city in response to Dadikhi's operations orders
which were coming from Turkey and Lebanon and other funders.

He referred to an operation whose group
carried out against an army checkpoint in Bustan al-Basha with
participation of "Al-Ghurabaa Battalion" which included gunmen from
Libya, Turkey and Chechnya.

The terrorist added that he later dropped
the armed work and joitn the political council of the brigade whose
mission was to meet foreign funders and officers of various
nationalities, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatari.

Kanno referred to a meeting once with
Turkish officers along with gunmen form other groups during which the
officers asked them to attack Minnegh military airport in exchange for
facilitating the transfer of money and arms to the terrorists.

He detailed the preparation and execution
of the attack on the airport in which 700 gunmen took part under
Dadikhi's leadership using all types of weapons, noting that the attack
failed and 60 of the gunmen were killed.

Kanno pointed out that after the failure
intensive visits were made by Turkish and Gulf officers to Azaz to
demand full control over the airport at any price.

He also referred to a visit to Azaz by
Lebanese MP Oqab Saqr, who was closely linked to Dadikhi. During the
visit Saqr tried to raise the gunmen's morale and convoyed to them the
greetings of the Future Movement's leader Saad al-Hariri and the Saudi
Emir Bandar Bin Sultan.

According to Kanno, Saqr gave the gunmen
USD 200, 000 and promised provide them with qualitative arms, during a
meeting in Kilis camp.

He pointed out that he was asked to
kidnap pilgrims who usually come from Iran, Iraq and Lebanon if they
cross Azaz and that Dadikhi was to carry out the mission of abducting a
group of pilgrims coming from Turkey "who were probably Lebanese" upon
Saad al-Hariri's request.

Kanno also told the story of how a number
of armed groups' leaders went to meet Turkish and Saudi officers in
Kilis who gave them a box containing chemical materials, namely four
bottles of sarin gas.

He admitted involvement in robbing mills
and textile factories in al-Lairamoun and al-Sheikh Najjar and
transferring equipment to Turkey upon the request of Turkish officers
who gave Dadikhi money in return, of which Kanno said he received SYP 6