Protesters destroy Lenin monument in Kiev Ukraine

Protesters tear down a statue of Lenin in Kiev and hit with a mallet. Ukrainian protesters are making what could be the largest demonstration of this decade. According to the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine, we currently have gathered in Kiev to protest about 100,000 people, although some local media reports of a possible participation of tens of thousands. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the violent situation in the capital is increasing. All access to gubernamentals buildings are closed. We have over a million in this competition, "he said Saturday in the Plaza de la Independencia the current world champion boxer heavyweight and opposition representative Vitali Klitschko." Our future depends each of you. " In turn, the country's government rejected the demands of protesters, insisting that the agreement with the EU would be so beneficial for Ukraine as opponents think. The Security Service of Ukraine has begun . investigation "of actions aimed at the seizure of state power in Ukraine,"