The full transcript of the 17 minute long video

Though Rupert Murdoch's News Corp didn't release the full video--instead only releasing 4 minutes of scenes cut from the full 17 minutes, they did release the full transcript.

From the transcript you can see that two planes went down very close to one another. First was MH17 shot down by a jet fighter, and then the militia brought down the jet, referred to as a Sukhoi, which is the maker of the SU series of fighter jets.

According to the witness in Russian custody, who was ground crew at the air field the Sukhoi took off from, two jets were armed with air-to-air missiles and took off, only one returned.

At the end of the video, we learn that the militia saw the pilots parachutes, and are leaving the MH17 scene to hunt them.

(Video Starts)This is another plane, I think.

It’s the fighter.

Commander: There, part of engine.

Other: Yes, I think.

Cmdr: Yes, it’s the Sukhoi.

(Phone): Call the headquarters, the town, he will take you there.

Background: There’s coins here.

Cmdr: There’s five people who jumped.

Background: This is the Sukhoi lying around.

Smouldering mess ... Video grab made shortly after Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine. Picture: Supplied

Background: You know how many bodies out there?

Cmdr: They say the Sukhoi (Fighter) brought down the civilian plane and ours brought down the fighter.

Background: But where is the Sukhoi?

There it is … it’s the passenger plane.

Background: It’s just fragments.

(Phone ringing)

Cmdr: Hello, yes, we’re at the crash site. What, is there’s another plane taken down there?

Understood, keep the perimeter, don’t let the civilians in. OK then, we’ll be there soon.

It’s a civilian, it’s some civilian.

Background: But what direction did it come from … and fall?

Background: Look, aluminium.

Background: [Undistinguished]. Where is the Sukhoi then?

Background: It’s confusing. No idea where the Sukhoi is, it’s burning here and there and debris everywhere.

(Phone ringing)

Devastation ... The crash scene of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. Picture: Supplied

Cmdr: Yes (KOT). Speak. What? No, don’t fly in anywhere yet, wait for the orders. Remain at the headquarters.

Background: Civilians, move away, spread out! Let’s go! … Move …

Cmdr: The civilian plane. Malaysian.

Cmdr: Yes, there are a lot of bodies, women … Anyway, have to go with Vinograbov. Here … you’ll see here.

Background: Orange in colour, the black box.

Cmdr: (Still on the phone) OK, OK.

Background: Look for the black box everywhere.

Background: Don’t film here.

Cmdr: I’m not filming faces, I never film faces.

Cmdr: Guys, I don’t like it either if it’s leaked on the internet.

Cmdr: Are you filming here guys?

Cmdr: This is some military (expletive)

Cmdr: Don’t film here guys.

Background: No, it’s some sort of bag.

Cmdr: Got a knife?

Background: Military something ….

Cmdr: Commander, can someone come here? Open it, I will stand and watch or hold the camera and I will open it. Open it.

Items strewn ... The personal belongings of the MH17 victims. Picture: Supplied

Background: There are documents; it will tell whose plane it is right away.

Cmdr: Disperse the civilians!

Cmdr: These are clothes.

Cmdr: Get rid of the civilians!

Background: Documents …

Background: Some stewardess, not Russian.

Cmdr: Get rid of all the civilians!

Cmdr: It’s a Malaysian Airport [ID], Malaysian airlines. It expires on the 26th of July 2018.

(Phone Ringing)

Yes. Hello.

Background: “Chink” looking laying around there. Civilians … spread out!

Cmdr: Get rid of the civilians. Place the cars.

Cmdr: You see, they are foreigners, Malaysians.

Background: Who’s opened a corridor for them to fly over here?

Cmdr: Even a **** parrot flew.

Cmdr: There are birds everywhere, here’s one, here’s another. Where from? There’s another bird there!

(Phone ringing)

Cmdr: Hello, yes. They saw a pilot crawling at Rassipnaya. A pilot was seen crawling.

Searching for clues ... Rebels search the crash site to identify the plane. Picture: Supplied

Cmdr: Get out there with your men …. Right now. And where’s the parachute jumper?

Cmdr: The plane fell at Lesnaya Skazka [village name]. Understood. OK. The car has left to there. Let’s go already. Understood.

Cmdr: Thank you girl. After the war we’ll give you a medal.

Cmdr: It’s a civilian.

Cmdr:...F***. Passenger plane was f*****.

Background: Black box …

Cmdr: There’s the black box, Look! Take it to our car. Look for the other one, there should be two.

Background: They are not Russian.

Cmdr: Show me the photo.

Cmdr: Yes.

Background: …. Muhamed Jatri …

Background: Take this.

Background: What is this?

Cmdr: Check it out.

Cmdr: There’s a plastic bag, put it in there.

Background: Some sort of equipment, there’s a charger for it.

Cmdr: We apparently found one black box. We need the second black box.

No respect ... Rebels taking what they want from the personal belongings. Picture: Supplied

Cmdr: Show me. Just careful there. I’m filming here.

Cmdr: Just break the package, why go through the pain?

Cmdr: Put it somewhere there:

Cmdr: It’s Malaysian, here’s the stewardess’ Identification Card

Cmdr: And what is this jacket? Some wind jacket?

Background: Look for more information out there.

Cmdr: Put it all there, the investigation is going deal with it.

Cmdr: (name suppressed), Australia Australia …

Cmdr: (to someone in the distance) Get rid of the Skoda. There’s a Skoda sitting there.

Background: Open the bag. Some …. Some sort of equipment.

Cmdr: Binoculars, they are broken … useless. Documents …

Look in the bag … Documents …

Background: From the documents, what flight was it?

Cmdr: There, I have the ID.

(Phone ringing)

(Ruslan?). I’m filming, taking pictures. I’ll check, I see it. There’s
some birds here, parrots too, I’ll take you to see the parrot.Background: There’s some journalists here, well, almost journalists.

Putting out the flames ... Civilians and rebels try to put out the flames. Picture: Supplied

Background: I can see.

Why is there a case full of birds?

Come here Oleg.

(Phone ringing) Yes Ruslan, hi. I’m here, a plane was brought down. I’m at the crash site. I will be there. I will be there for sure.

Same time: (Another Phone) Yes Roman,

Come over here, our people are here too. OK (Roman), I’ll call you later.

Background: There’s an USB here, I want to see what’s on it … Battery …

Cmdr: The other plane that fell down, they are after them, the pilots.

Background: The second one?

Cmdr: Yes, there’s 2 planes taken down. We need the second.

Background: The second one is a civilian too?

Background: The fighter jet brought down this one, and our people brought down the fighter.

Background: They decided to do it this way, to look like we have brought down the plane.

Cmdr: I have the power. Oleg, I have the power if anything, take that into consideration.

Cmdr: Collect the USBs. The information is the most important.

Cmdr: Let the firefighters extinguish the flames.

(Phone ringing)

Kalyian. I understood you, but we’re already at the crash site. A
passenger plane was brought down. They brought down the passenger plane
and we brought down the fighter.We’re at the crash site.

Disgusting ... A rebel going through the bag of a victim. Picture: Supplied

Cmdr: The other team is working there, they are already taking over.

Guys, where’s the village 49 (Grabovo)?

Background: We’re not from around here, we don’t know. There, ask them.

Who’s local here?

Forty-nine? On the other side of the field.

Cmdr: The parachute jumpers are there.

Background: But there are two planes, from my understanding.

Background: And what’s the other one? A Sukoi?

Cmdr: A Sukhoi.

The Sukhoi brought down the plane and we brought down the Sukhoi.

Is it far from here? Where did it fall?

Looks like … Where’s the smoke coming from?

Somewhere else is burning, the 49 village.

I mean … the two pilots landed on parachutes.

(Phone ringing)

Cmdr: Yes, speak. I’m here, I’m in Grabovo. Right at the place. I’m not at the bird site, I’m in the field. I didn’t get there yet.

Cmdr: Five parachutes jumped off this plane. Five people jumped off this plane on the bird site. How to get there?

OK we’ll go there soon. We’ll see. OK then.

Cmdr: Yes, I see them, Chinese …
(video ends)