Arab Muslims Committing Genocide In Darfur

Mass murder is being committed by Arab muslims against black Africans, muslim and Christian. The world ignores this genocide and instead focuses on "racism" in America. Celebrities often use Darfur as a pet project, but never mention the culprits behind the "ethnic" cleansing.

The fact is, it is the so-called "religion of peace" responsible for the modern day slaughter of over 400,000 innocent people in the Sudan alone. But the muslim world remains silent and in denial.

Ironically, black Western Africans make up one of the fastest growing segments of islam. They use the excuse of "oppression" and a Western history of slavery, but ignore the role muslims have played - and continue to this very day - in enslaving minority races. Islam is an Arab religion. Since its beginning, it has enslaved and slaughtered those it considers "inferior". That continues to this day, but only the West is condemned for slavery, even though the West has outlawed the practice. Muslim dominated countries still promote bigotry, racism, and enslavement.

Note in the film Arab muslims behaving exactly as muhammad taught them. Muhammad and his followers would often raid villages, killing as many as they could - including unarmed prisoners, raping the women and children, and then looting everything of value.