What the foot soldiers of Maidan wanted - and what they got. #TZ

EU made it harder for Ukrainians to get visas. From now on, it is impossible to get them "in absentia" - by handing over documents to the tour operator or agency. Now Ukrainians must personally visit the consulate or visa application center and to provide their biometric data - fingerprints and a digital photograph.

Why is that? Because the “pro-European triumph” in our country showed that www.liveleak.com/view?i=46a_1431630461 and therefore subject to special control.

You know who else has to be fingerprinted to get a "Schengen" visa? Gypsies.
Gypsies, youtube.wikia.com/wiki/Llamas_with_Hats

That is, for EU, Ukrainians are much like Roma. In other words - a dangerous, highly undesirable and lawless group.

Another “www.liveleak.com/view?i=e16_1434677741”? Definitely!

by Andrei Vadjra ( andreyvadjra.livejournal.com/464858.html )


EDIT: It has been kindly pointed out by LL-user "rockstarz" that the article I translated is not technically correct and the "mandatory fingerprinting for EU visa" does not single out Ukraine. Rather, it affects all of "east partnership" (~post-Soviet) countries (and, as far as I understand, similar reforms are happening for visa applicants from other 2nd/3rd world countries).

EU officials are trying to pretend that this is _in_no_way_related_ to them bombing Libya to an Islamist takeover, supporting anti-Assad islamists in Syria, supporting coup/ruin/civil war in Ukraine, and otherwise causing tons of war-scarred people show up on their doorstep.

For Ukrainians, this introduction of a unified system should cut down the number of people successfully entering EU hugely - apart from increased logistics/time costs, previously they could (and would) apply to another country if rejected somewhere in the EU. With a unified system, someone rejected once would generally be automatically rejected everywhere else.


From the translator:

In case you missed it, the whole point of a revolution was obtaining free travel to the EU and staying there illegally.

Currently, vz.ru/news/2015/4/24/742119.html of the general Ukrainian population want to flee the ruined country; but as far as I understand, those ~12 million people are the proportion total population - counting the elderly, disabled, children, and other non-mobile groups.

When polling young people aged 18 to 28, inpress.ua/ru/society/39887-81-molodykh-ukraintsev-gotovy-ue want to leave. In other words, out of the people that are actually young and mobile, over 4/5ths want to to flee the yoke of the “www.liveleak.com/view?i=24d_1433837773”.

Many of those who want to leave are same youngsters that drove the riots in the capital and ultimately plunged the country into economic collapse and civil war. Leaving after they topple the government was their plan all along, it's easy enough to prove: the rioters demanded “Euro-Association” - but what did they want from it, exactly?

Euro-association demanded a lot of things from Ukraine: lift customs barriers to cheap and modern European goods - destroying local industry and trade with Russia (because Russia, like every other sane state on the planet, wants to protect local manufacturers), switch to European ecology and transportation standards (the switch bankrupting any remaining industry, and imposing huge infrastructure costs on a struggling budget), passing under EU laws and institutions in multiple areas (essentially giving up on local government protecting Ukrainian interests and sovereignty in general), etc. etc.
In short, it was clearly ruinous, and EU didn’t offer much cash to offset some of the damage, unlike the Russians (who gave Ukraine $15bn to not commit suicide on their doorstep).

Euro-Association really only promised one thing - free travel to the EU.

Not employment, mind you - just tourism; but does anybody honestly believe that people with an average income of couple hundred euro overthrew the government because they wanted to spend their weekends on shopping trips around Paris and London?
Their plan was always staying in the EU to work - the vast majority of Ukrainian youngsters openly say so in the polls.

The logic is obvious: I imagine a plumber or prostitute in Germany makes around a hundred euros a day. By comparison, the firemen heroes that fought and died to extinguish the recent oil fire by Kiev with ancient 1980s equipment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNi7y_hWHp0&;amp;amp;index=31&list=WL. Not per day - per month!

3 euro a day to burn alive, Carl! Career choice is extremely clear.

There were, however, two very predictable problems.

One we all know: East Ukraine, which was very far from EU border and very tightly connected to Russian trade, voiced protest against the democratic government being overthrown and their economic interests being ignored. It was clear that even if many Westerners managed to flee across the nearby EU borders, Easterners will be left holding the bag. The Easterner protests were first handled by busing around young “pro-European” streetfighters to crush uncoordinated protests city by city with police support - 40 dead in Odessa, 3 in Kharkov, few in Korsun, unknown number in Dnepropetrovsk... hundreds sent to hospitals, arrested or “disappeared”. But once Easterners realized what’s going on, they armed themselves, and the rest of it is all over this website.

The second problem is discussed less, but was even more painfully predictable: simply put, EU doesn’t need 12 million more prostitutes and handymen. That’s more than the entire population of Belgium, for chrissakes.

See also "Ukrainian economy after a year of reforms: "http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a6b_1434951321"

Of course, now that civil war is underway, EU is even less willing to open its borders for ex-death squad members, https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2015/02/26/midst-war-ukra, and war refugees, but let’s not kid ourselves: Europeans are not delusional, visas weren’t happening anyway.

They’re not even grateful enough to give visas to Kosovars. Even after tiny Kosovo http://russia-insider.com/en/hey-obama-what-about-serbias-territoral-integrity/ri8092 in a NATO-backed war that led to Miloshevich being overthrown (who said “USA will fight to the last Ukrainian in order to weaken Putin”?).

Even the “evil” Serbia got visa-free travel to EU by now - but https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_requirements_for_Kosovan_.

Not much to say in conclusion, except this old Soviet joke:

<<< The Germans catch a peasant and tell him that if he tells them where the partisans are hiding, they will give him a cow. He thinks long and hard about it, and gives the directions.
Next morning the peasant sees that tied-up partisans are being led to execution, and goes to the German commandant for the reward. There, the Germans laugh at him - partisans are already caught, what’s the point paying? Beef will serve the Reich better in German stomachs. Beat him and throw him out onto the street.
He’s walking back home and thinking:
“No cow, got beat up for nothing… And I sorta feel bad about the guys, as well”. >>>

No one will accept traitors that helped foreign interests ruin their own country. In that, at least, the world is fair.