San Diego Police Officer With Good Aim (/Luck) Kills Man Who Had Shot His Ex-Wife's Family And Had Just Tried To Kill Her As

Wow, that was one hell of a good shot. (And/or a lucky shot, though I'm inclined to believe the former.)

And one hell of a lucky woman (sort of). She later told police that the when the ex-boyfriend saw the cops coming and put his gun to her head that he had pulled the trigger. She heard a click - but the gun didn't fire.

(Earlier the ex-husband had attempted to kill her boyfriend and had shot her mother, father, and grandmother. Full details available in the DA investigation into the officer-involved shooting.)

Crazy conversation:

Ex-wife (after crazy ex shoots her through her mother): "You shot me!"
Crazy ex: "No baby, I love you."


By: MostlyTrueFactsDotCom (34.60)

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Location: San Diego, United States