Summary of events in several provinces of Syria

Summary of events in several provinces of Syria


In the province of Deir ez-Zor air strike destroyed tanker convoy transporting the stolen oil militants to Turkey.
On the motorway Al Meyadin - Deir ez-Zor armed group apprehended cars Syrian Red Crescent Society. They had been beaten by a volunteer doctor from Yemen, destroyed part of the cardiograph and medical equipment, the other part of it was looted.

In the city of Deir ez-Zor in the clashes that took place in the Al-Jbeil, Kanamat, Al-Sina, Al and Al-Urfi siyasah neutralized many terrorists.

In response, militants fired more than 20 rockets artisanal production by districts Kusur and Al-Ghazi Ayash, where as a result of their fall wounded civilians, including children.

In Al-Kusure soldiers detained three members of gangs who committed the assault, taking pictures of the crash site of missiles, to further coordinate attacks.

In the village of Muhasan militants blew up a house of a local resident, who refused to take part in an armed rebellion. Killing two of his children.

In the province of Idleb in Sernin militants groups "Sukur al-Sham" belonging "Dzhebhat An-Nusra", killed the head of security committee FSA, the leader of Lebanon bandgruppirovki Dowd Gias Mustafa Haj Ali. The reasons for the murder are not clear, it is only known that the demolition took place on the grounds of differences.

Two militant groups also because of the differences come into conflict with each other in the Jebel Arbain. As a result, one of the bandit group planted an IED in another car of the leader - "Liwa Ahrar al-Jabal," Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Ali, who was killed in the explosion.

Near the town of Jisr al-Shughour in the village of Al-Hassan morning of June 23 militants attacked the Roman Catholic Church, "al-Latin", plundered it and killed the abbot, "Maar Saman Al-Amoudi," Francois Murad.

Army units clash occurred on the road Erich - Latakia in the vicinity of the village and Sankul Mhanbal, near the towns of Jisr al-Shughour and Maret An-Numan.

Terrorist groups blocked the entrances to the city of Idleb, prohibiting passage of all vehicles, including those with food.

In the province of Hama group of five gunmen attacked an army checkpoint, located near the village in the north of the city Ochan Morek.

In the province of Quneitra in the village of Khan Arnab militants from their own office was kidnapped by the head of the local branch of the Syrian Red Crescent Rafi Abbas.

According to some reports, in Khasaka are 4 Turkish businessman. That enter into an agreement with the leaders of bandit groups for the sale of equipment of drilling rigs from oil fields.

On the Turkish side in the province of Hasaka counties under the flag of the International Red Cross arrived at 6 cars with arms napravyayutsya in the district of Jabal Abdul Aziz. 8 more of the same cars drove in Tel Abyad province of Raqqa.
In the Tel-Khamis in four days of armed clashes were killed 75 members of armed groups, killing seven soldiers and volunteer militia units. Information on the results of battles yet.

In the area of ​​the 17th Division of the Syrian army was a relative calm that was broken once rebels to retreat a half-hour after the attempted attack.

In the province of Daraa elect a new leader of the groups operating in the west, to the place of the recently destroyed army field commander of Jordan. The new head of the terrorists was also a Jordanian citizen, Abu Omeyr Salafi Al-Ordon.

The situation in the provinces of Damascus and Homs

In Damascus, at 5 am 22iyunya tank units went from the motorway to the area of ​​Al-Kabun. During the clashes, which were particularly intense in the vicinity of highways and in the neighborhood of An-Nahr, destroyed two militant groups, including the leaders of the gangs FSA Abu Ali al-Doumani and "Katib Ahfad Omar" Omar Abdullah. Eliminated several shelters, mortar setting and enemy snipers.
Advancing infantry significantly delayed due to the huge number of abandoned buildings by terrorists in mines and IEDs.

Militants regularly attacks on civilian vehicles traveling on the freeway. As a result, one of them using a mortar on June 22, killing 4 passengers intercity bus, among them a young girl. According to sources in the hospital "Abbasiin" among the wounded there is a very heavy, with limbs torn off.

June 23 just three buses were shot with automatic weapons. 9 killed. Many wounded, including women and children.

In the area of ​​Kadam terrorists were subjected to mortar fire train station. 4 die guarding object volunteer militias.

In the same artillery destroyed the warehouse insurgents with weapons and ammunition, who was on the street Ax-Jura.

The fighting in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk army and the militia occupied the streets Talyatin, Yarmouk and Falastin and the edge of the Hajar al-Aswad.

At quarter-Tadamun 80% is controlled by groups of volunteers.

In general, the Yarmouk camp clashes died down considerably due to the fact that the rebels have shortage of ammunition, as well as after the elimination of 75 members of the group "Ababil Horan" and its leader leader, which we reported a few days ago.

In Muadamii fierce clashes occur. The army has used artillery and install "Shilka" against militant groups and their fortified. Destroyed by members of armed groups who try to leave the walled city.

In Dzhobare again prevented an attempt by militants to infiltrate the area Abbasiin. Major clashes are concentrated in the area surrounding Al-Manashirov and the south bus station.

Abbasiin areas, and the city Kabbas Jaramana undergone massive mortar attack terrorists, during which exploded in various quarters about 30 shells. One of them - on the crossing point "Tropicana", located at the beginning of the motorway Damascus - Homs. Two were killed, including a 12-year-old child, were wounded dozens.

In the district of Abbsiin arrested a member of the armed gangs M. Al-Allyavi, who previously was wanted, just like his brothers. He rented an apartment in one of the high-rise buildings and tracked the movement of army units, passing information to militants in Dzhobar.

In the area of ​​Eastern Guta army moves in the villages of Al-Diyab Al-Hseyniya and Al-Salman in the direction of Al-Hames and Brown Ash Shamiya. In the course of operations destroyed mortar installation, anti-aircraft guns and a lot of members of armed groups, including two factions of the leader FSA and Bassam Jaber Turkia Hassoun and leader of the group "Dzhebhat An-Nusra" group "Al-Katib Dzhunud Resalya" Munir An-naif.

Boestoknoveniya occurred ARBIGNY and plantations Art of Rome in the vicinity of the Duma, which were destroyed by mortars and special machines for the construction of embankments and underground tunnels.

Accumulations of terrorists, their field hospitals, vehicles, carts with DSK, 3 anti-aircraft guns and 19 trucks of arms and ammunition eliminated during the counter-terrorist operation in the Syrian army Zabadani, Kalyamune, Rankuse, Ain Arab, Wadi Al-Wadi Barada and Arkub .

Armed Forces took control of the mountains on the western outskirts of Al Halbuna by stripping from the militants caves and grottoes, and the area between the Halbunom Telfitoy and height of the al-Arur that allows you to control all movement in the areas Halbuna, Telfity and Rankusa.

In an ambush organized by the military, got grouping militants who tried to escape to Lebanon from the area of ​​the village Han Shih. All members of the gang have been neutralized.

In the province of Homs on June 22 army completely surrounded the terrorist groups operating in Tel Kalyah, inside the territory of which were attacked from the north. Particular attention has been focused on military quarters Fares, Al-Saraya, Tel Al-Shamali, which are blocked on all sides. As a result of moving army units killed a large number of terrorists who have killed and wounded in the personnel of military units.

June 23 Army announced full control over the entire western part of the city districts of Al-Shamali, Al Mahatta, Al-Saraya and Perez. During the operation, part of the militants was destroyed, about 80 members of bandit groups surrendered to authorities seized large quantities of arms and ammunition.

Gang of terrorists were also attacked in the villages of Al-Gant, At-Chiba and in the Al-Hosn, where neutralized dozens of gang members, including the leader of the group FSA Saer Al-Ahmad, destroyed caches of weapons and ammunition, and vehicles with the ANC.

In the village of al-Zafarani militants attacked the house of a local resident Mohammed Alwan, who hid in his girl, escaped from captivity. After the owner refused to issue a fugitive, he was shot, and later with local mosques have been calls to prayer for the repose of the soul "who was killed in battle with the Syrian army in the city of Ar-Rastan hero Muhammad Alwan."

In the city of Homs clashes took place in the Al-Karabis, Jurat al-Shiyah and Al-Khaldi.

Events in the metropolitan area Barzov

District Barzov is in the north of Damascus. It is located halfway between the armed rebellion suburbs covered by the Duma and Haraszti, and the At-Telem, and Rankusom Maaraboy, on the outskirts of the capital, it borders with the districts of Al-Kabun and High Tishreen.
A year ago, this quarter was no longer calm. It all started with a collision troops guarding the crossing point on the streets of Al-Hafez, which leads to the hospital, "Tishreen", and Hanbali, which links Barzov with the central areas of the city.

Once in Gutu East - a huge area with many plantations and settlements - have become constricted gangs, and Jordan - do quantities of weapons, terrorists in Barzakh, which was originally no more than a hundred people began to receive arms and ammunition. These deliveries were carried out through tunnels tunnels that extend under the center of the northern motorway Barzov to Haraszti (part of East Huta), and from him - in the district of Al-Kabun.

On the streets of Al-Hafez and Hanbali began to disappear people - soldiers and civilians. Skirmishes were becoming more intense. Abducted whole taxis with passengers, following a suburb located just outside the Barzakh - Dahie al-Assad - and to the area of ​​Al al-Vrvar - known for their loyalty to the legitimate Syrian government. That is why these areas are regularly the targets mortar and rocket attacks on militants.

A lot of people were in makeshift prisons, arranged by militants in the internal blocks Barzov. Not everyone was destined to break out for a ransom.

The corpses of slain militants threw on nearby roads to intimidate civilians.

13-15-year-old teenagers armed with pistols, gathered in groups, engaged in car theft, forced them dropping out of their owners and occupants.

On the high-rise buildings are located snipers, goals which became even ambulances, hospital following a "Tishreen." Gunmen fired on without disassembling machines, suggesting that they may carry the wounded in the fighting soldiers in the military hospital, although it is well known that "Tishreen", possessing modern medical equipment, accepts, along with the military and civilians.

On April 27, gunmen used against the people's militia and military chemical weapons, missile launching home-made with a chemical filling, the purpose of which was the military crossing point. Then six people died from suffocation, 20 injured and were admitted to hospital, "Ibn Nafis" where the poisoning was also a physician, psychiatrist, to assist them.

The army blocked the road to the hospital, "Tishreen" and 3 months ago I started ambience militants from several sides, especially focusing on the quarter Dahr al-suit, where, besides the local members of gangs, accumulated foreign fighters "Dzhebhat An-Nusra."

The operation was stretched in time due to the district with old buildings, narrow streets and mountainous terrain.

The day before yesterday, June 21, at 5:00 am army launched an intense artillery preparation, during which the precision strikes destroyed several fortified bandit groups, depots of arms and munitions and cluster of terrorists, and then began an active attack on militants entrenched inside Barzov.

North Districts were completely surrounded by an advanced Dahr al-Mastakh militias and army units, advancing from the street Hanbali. At the same time special forces conduct sweep of neighboring plantations. There's a counter-terrorist operation have already been discovered and destroyed 10 tunnels leading to Haraszti and Al Kabun.

To date, 50% of the quarter Dahr al-Mastakh freed from the presence of militants.

During the day, with skyscrapers removed several snipers killed 12 mortar systems, 10 fighters. 6 more soldiers detained militias. Three quarters of the Old Barzov busy army. In the course of operations, the loss of government troops were killed and five soldiers wounded 4 volunteers.

In the counter-terrorist operation involved units of the Republican Guard, Special Forces, 211th Division, Military Intelligence and Air Force troops national militia.

According to some sources inside the area hits "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" mercilessly destroy the so-called members of the FSA, which show weakness and try to give up, and all those who are suspected to contribute to the authorities.


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