NDAA Internet Censorship Pee on Joe Lieberman Protest

Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman believes he should decide what you are allowed to view here on Liveleak.com, he wants to censor what he sees here, saying he's a reasonable person. So, should Joe decide what you view here? Should Joe decide, himself, who, anywhere in the world should be kidnapped, confined, tortured, and murdered secretly with no hearing. Should the internet be censored using tools like SOPA and PIPA? Well, please let Joe know what you saw here. I would like to make another one of these for Vermont US Senator and every other official who supported the NDAA Military Detention of Americans and other nationals with secret signings. Any American can now be stripped of his, or her citizenship. America is being run offshore by corporations and banks. We are under armed occupation in the US. Joe and others are sell outs. Please let them know how you think. I have. [starkravingviking.blogspot.com/2012/01/pissing-on-joe-lieber]

I was told by another liveleaker that I did not have the testicles to do this and then post it. Here you go. This is my war protest against the wars, and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and all over. I consider people in Iran likewise abused by the international corporate bankster puppet government, the US Government. Word search Steven G. Erickson and you may then understand why I posted this.