Hemant Batra is Director - South Asia Region of the World NGO Day Initiative (WND)

Hemant Batra, a renowned international corporate lawyer who is the Executive Managing Partner of Kaden Boriss and Secretary General of SAARCLAW was recently appointed as the Director
South Asia Region on the Advisory Group of the World NGO Day Initiative (WND). Having established the WND Secretariat in London in November 2011, the founders have now put together a special Advisory Group with the purpose of supporting and guiding the WND Initiative in all its activities. The Advisory Group commenced its work in January 2012. The Advisory Group will have a critical role in helping the WND Secretariat develop and deliver its strategy, internal
organization, development, dealing with the private, public and third sectors, as well as all activities relating to communications, fundraising and the general implementation of the work programme. One of the prime functions of the Advisory Group is to be a voice for the WND Initiative and to communicate our purpose and ideas throughout the cultural, business, administrative and political elites of the international community. Members of the Advisory Group
are individuals who can either be National or Regional Representatives in the business, professional, public or third sector. The members meet at least once annually in London to discuss progress of the WND Initiative. Being a member of the WND Advisory Group will mean that Hemant Batra will have a key role in the way the WND Initiative is managed as well as in determining goals and objectives, policies and solutions. The WND Initiative will be a major meeting place for NGOs. By organizing local and regional events, conferences and seminars WND will assist NGOs to deal with challenges- present and future - and enable them to transform opportunities into to successful projects. By being part of WND’s special Advisory Group Batra will be at the heart of this process and in the way projects are implemented.

The appointment letter of Hemant Batra was issued by WND’s Executive Director, Marcis L. Skadmanis in consultation with the vice-chair Dr. Linda Spedding.

Incidentally, Hemant Batra has also recently entered the Indian political scene by assuming position of General Secretary in a well know federal political party called Haryana Janhit Congress (HJC) headed by a vibrant young leader Kuldeep Bishnoi, Member of the Indian Parliament.