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Rare Arctic Springs Hold Clues to Jupiter's Moon Europa

Rare Arctic Springs Hold Clues to Jupiter's Moon Europa
By Charles Q. Choi
Astrobiology Magazine
posted: 25 March 2010
07:22 am ET

Extraordinarily rare springs high above the rest of the world in the Arctic could serve as Earth's own little version of Europa, helping scientists picture what life might face on the mysterious Jovian moon.

Europa is covered with sulfur-rich materials concentrated along cracks and ridges on its icy surface, which could hold the only clues we currently have about the composition of its hidden underground ocean. These compounds in the ice might even contain organic material that migrated upward from the sea below.

"Europa's liquid water layer contains twice the volume of all the Earth's oceans combined, an enormous potentially habitable environment, not billions of years in the past but at the present day," said astrobiologist Damhnait Gleeson at

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