Syria Update : Syrian Army Raids Militants' Hideouts in Idlib, Daraa * No Way Out " * 02/11/2014 *

the syrian army and its allies are on track despite servere setbacks
in memory for the brave syrian soldiers
mother syria will never forget you


The Syrian Army struck a heavy blow at
foreign-backed militants in Idlib and Daraa provinces, killing and
injuring scores of them.
The militants sustained heavy toll, as the army made major advances in
the areas of Filon, Tal al-Laouz, Talab, Taftanaz, Qastoun, Ehsem, and
Kafrroma in the Northern province of Idlib.

Also, the Syrian Army stormed the gathering centers of the insurgents
in Deir al-Adas, Atman, and al-Tibeh in the province of Daraa, killing
and injuring too many of them.

The Syrian army continued its operations against the
terrorist groups in the Northern parts of the country and regained
control over many strategic areas in there.
The army regained full control of Al-Ameriya town in Aleppo
countryside that was previously the stronghold of the terrorist groups.

The army units also destroyed the gathering centers of the terrorists
in Al-Sokra, Al-Ashrafiya, Tal Al-Zarazir, Al-Mashhad, Al-Ramoussa,
Al-Sheikh Saeed, Al-Marjeh, Al-Zorbeh and Al-Lirmoun in Aleppo and its

Meantime, the army units repelled an attempt by the terrorist groups to attack the army's positions in Seifat region.

Military analysts believe that the ground has now been paved for the
Syrian army troops' major advances in large parts of Aleppo countryside.