ISIS Missile transported from Libya shoots down Russian Airbus over Egypt- Kolavia flight 7K9268

Kolavia flight ‪#‎7K9268‬ crashed in Sinai, in a remote desert area long controlled by Islamist now loyal to ‪#‎ISIS‬. The plane lost control and communications in midair and plunged to the ground, possibly broken up in two pieces. All 224 passengers and crew are believed to have died.

It is clear that the crash can only be the result of an explosion, either a bomb on-board or a missile. Ansar al-Miqdas, now renamed ISIS-Sinai is known to have transferred a large amount of ex-Libyan weapons to its bases in the Sinai. DEBKAfile claims that it has in recent months reported on advanced anti-air missile systems smuggled into Sinai.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for downing flight 7K9268

Most likely the plane was shot down with a surface-to-air missile smuggled from Libya. Libya never had the most modern Russian missile systems S-300 and BUK, but it possessed multiple long range anti-aircraft systems capable of shooting down a plane at 32,000 feet. These include:
- S-200 (SA-5 Gammon,), predecessor to S-300, range 300 km
- S-125 (SA-3 Goa), range 35 km
- 2K12 Kub ( SA-6 Gainful), predecessor to BUK, range 24 km

The world reaction is to 7K9268 is the exact opposite to ‪#‎MH17‬. Although the possibility of ISIS involvement was self evident from the beginning, the West as well as Russia is taking every step to deny it. This is totally the opposite of the "Putin's missile" crowd after MH17.

Missiles Missing From Libyan Stockplies- photo at link shows type of missile.

Link to You Tube version of ISIS's own original shootdown video-

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