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Embarrassingly Stupid Americans, the Video!

by Jason Mattera from

I could’ve also titled this piece “Cringe-Worthy” and “Mind-Numbingly Painful to Watch.” Um, the video you’re about to see is that awful for two reasons: 1) It’s a clear reminder that we’re losing our ethos and heritage as a country and 2) Wow, oh wow, our education system is quite the disaster. So here’s the deal: On the cusp of the Fourth of July, late-night comedian Jay Leno filmed one of his usual “Jaywalking” segments, this time testing the historical knowledge of Americans on… American history… in light of America celebrating her triumph over tyranny.

Alas, the stupidity is all there…

America gained independence from… Greece! Martha Washington sewed the first American Flag! Winston Churchill was the general who led the Revolutionary War! There were 30 original colonies! America came to being in

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