Kiev's War Crime: Avakov's FB Angry Outburst and the Case of Suddenly Missing 200 Prisoners of War in the Hands of the Kiev Junta

Kiev's War Crime: Avakov's FB Angry Outburst and the Case of Suddenly Missing 200 Prisoners of War in the Hands of the Kiev Junta
On September 13, sources from the Army of Novorossiya

“The prisoners exchange has stalled due to the fact that during a (new) registration of the cellars
of the Ukrainian Secret Service (SBU) and cages of all sorts of Naz-battalions, a large number of people from the official lists submitted [by the Kiev regime] to the authorities of Novorossiya have not been found. SBU, covering their eyes, reported to the negotiators that ‘these
people are no longer in their hands.’ In reality, this means that they are after being captured, these people died from the beatings or were executed. Naz-battalions [which are commanded by Arsen Avakov, Kiev’s minister of interior] have especially distinguished themselves in the killings
of prisoners. These Naz-battalions practice widespread torture and extrajudicial executions of prisoners and suspected supporters of the militias [of Novorosssiya]. Now in Kiev they
are trying to find a quick way of how to wriggle out of this situation. One ‘option,’ which they are considering, is to declare that the disappeared POWs ‘escaped from captivity.’ The other option under review is to announce that these vanished POWs ‘repented and refused to return.’ It is reported that we are talking here of at least two hundred people.”

Russian original text:
"Обмен пленными застопорился в связи с тем, что при проведении
"реестра" подвалов СБУ и "зинданов" всякого рода
"нацбатов" не найдено огромное число людей из списков, переданных
властями Новороссии. В СБУ, пряча глаза, доложили "переговорщикам",
что "этих людей больше нет в их руках". В реальности это означает,
что они после попадания в плен умерли от побоев или были расстреляны. Особенно
в убийствах пленных отличились "нацбаты", которые массово практикуют
пытки и бессудные растрелы пленных и заподозренных в помощи ополченцам. Сейчас
в Киеве срочно решают, как вывернуться из этой ситуации. По одному «варианту»
предлагается объявить "ненайденных" "сбежавшими из плена".
По другом предлагается объявить их "раскаявшимися и отказавшимися
возвращаться". Говорят, что речь идёт, как минимум, о двух сотнях

This horrific news was later in the day in their daily report (at 0:50 of the video):

“In Ukrainian captivity, at least two hundred PWOs were disappeared without a trace. This means that the disappeared PWOs may no longer be alive. Furthermore, all the captured soldiers [who were exchanged] have been found in terrible conditions. They were not fed for weeks. They don’t know where they were kept for they were held blindfolded.”

"В украинском плену пропало без вести минимум двести человек. Это
значит, что пропавших, возможно, уже нет в живых. Помимо этого, пленные
ополченцы были все в ужасном состоянии. Их не кормили неделями. Они не знают,
где их держали, так как были с мешками на голове."

Ominously, less than 24 hours before this horrifying news made its way to the public, Arsen Avakov who is in charge of the aforementioned National Guard battalions (he spent the day with the Azov battalion in Mariuopol, the same battalion that is not even hiding its Nazi character by displaying Nazi Wolfsangel in its coat of arms) made this posting on his personal Facebook page:
“We have twice caught and imprisoned villain Topaz (nome de guerre). First time the Kharkov court released him under house arrest, from which he escaped and took part in the burning of the Kharkov Regional State Administration, the seizure of the SBU Lugansk headquarters, he then fought in the gang of Girkin (Strelkov). Then we caught him again and was returned to prison. And today, the court, at the request of the Prosecutor's Office (!!!) released Topaz ‘in consideration of his personal circumstances.’

I understand many things, but everything has its limit, and the decisions made ​in this way are destroying peace and trust in stability in Kharkov and in the country. This is folly, blunder, and, if you excuse me, just a screw-up.

And do not justify, you, the makers of this, with the need to exchange our prisoners! I do not see this scoundrel being exchanged for pilot Savchenko by Russia. What I see is tearing up of common sense in Kharkov, assistance to the traitors, and betrayal of Kharkov Euromaidan.

Interior Minister of the Ukrainian government from Kharkov, I do not understand and do not accept such decisions. I do not understand how such decisions can be made. I think this decision is criminal, unacceptable and it shortchanges Ukraine!”
Original text in Russian:

“Мы дважды ловили и сажали в тюрьму негодяя Топаза. После первого раза харьковский
суд освободил его под домашний арест, с которого он сбежал и учавствовал в
поджоге Харьковской ОГА, захвате луганского СБУ.. воевал в банде Гиркина.. Мы
его поймали еще раз. Вернули в тюрьму. И сегодня суд, по ходатайству
прокуратуры(!!) освободил Топаза " под личные обязательства"..
Я все понимаю,но всему есть грань.. решения принятые таким образом
уничтожают мир и веру в стабильность в Харькове, да и в стране.
Глупость, ошибка, просто простите бл*дство..И не прикрывайтесь, авторы этого, необходимостью обмена на наших
пленных. Я не вижу возвращенной в обмен на этого негодяя летчицы Савченко из
России. И вижу взорванный здравый смысл в Харькове, подыгрыш гепам и допам,
предательство харьковского Евромайдана..Я, министр украинского правительства, харьковчанин - не понимаю и не
принимаю ТАКОГО решения. Не понимаю механизма его принятия.Считаю такое решение преступным и недопустимым разменом Украины в

You might also have noticed that one of the replies to Avakov's postings says: "Give me a machine gun, the address of the court and the name of the judges!" This response received over 260 likes.

So what we have here is the case of 200 PWOs whose existence was officially confirmed by Kiev and who are suddenly gone, and literally less than a day before this happening, we have a public statement by Avakov himself who is venting his anger that such prisoners ought to be released live ever again.

In the face of these very strong indications of a committed war crime and a public avowal of motive and attitude toward these POWs in the form of an angry outburst of Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, we have here compelling reasons for demanding an immediate investigation for a possible war crime committed by the Kiev junta right in front of the eyes of the international
community. Here it would be advisable for Russia and Novorossiya to start this investigation immediately. OSCE can be and should be invited, but the investigation and unveiling of the crime should not be made dependent on OSCE willingness and ability to help.

In this connection let's recall another Avakov's recent public confession from a
week ago or so. an interview with local TV channel, Avakov said that, if I knew how events will unfold in the South-East of Ukraine, he would have blown up the building of the Donetsk administration along with the supporters of federalization inside. "It would be a sad,
bloody page. There would be 50 people have died, for example, the terrorists who seized the building. The building would have collapsed. But thousands of its inhabitants in the Donbass and would be safe," said Avakov in an interview to a Ukrainian national TV.